Fresh New Start

About Fresh New Start

What Fresh New Start believes?

We believe each person has his or her own set of goals, strengths, and dreams. We work the lndividual and people close to the individual to discover these goals, strengths, and dreams. From this information, we will design and provide services to support the person in achieving his or her life goals.

Fresh New Start understands each person's need for independence and ability to make choices in their lives. Where barriers exist, we believe a responsive service provider must work creatively to change limiting environments and promote the individual's decision-making power. We believe each person should be fully included in his or her community. Each person must have access to the community's resources and benefits, including the socially valued roles of being a citizen, neighbor, worker, and friend. Above all, we believe each person has a right to control his or her own life.

All human beings, especially people with developmental disabilities, have the same basic needs for physical comfort, security, a sense of belonging, love, and fulfillment. We will provide a combination of support, assistance, education, and encouragement that will enable the person to satisfy these needs to fulfill his or her life goals.

As a responsible waiver service provider, we are committed to offering quality services that are flexible and responsive to the individuals we support. Helping people with developmental disabilities achieve their full potential improves the entire community's quality of life. Fresh New Start is proud to be a part of that process.