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Gossip, gossip, gossip

What a fun time we had watching the ice hockey game, thanks goes to Justin and his family for the tickets we are still talking about the great time we had.

The College students have some real hot competition going on, a young lady from Keystone, Indiana and a young man from Valparaiso both make A’s this last semester ( GREAT JOB )

Spring fling for Adams and Wells County has just ended. They went glow golfing, pottery making, bowling, and to the cannon ball park. Let’s not forget the day they went to help Andy out at the hot dog stand. To bring the great week to an end every one met at the local Pizza Hut for a pizza party.

When you come to Decatur stop in at Andy’s hot dog stand buy a hot dog and say Hi to Andy, he is a great guy trying to run a business it is all volunteers. You have to have a handicap to volunteer sorry guys you are missing out on all the fun.

Upcoming Events:

Pack your bags the annual Men’s camping trip is schedule for June 26th through the 28th it will cost $10.00 per night if you do not stay all night it will cost $5.00 to get in. Last year we only stayed one night the men had so much fun they extended it for another night. Ladies we need to get together and crash the party make them cook us a burger what do you think??? We have to watch out for someone with the water gun I heard he drenched a few last year maybe we could even beat them at the corn hole contest

Northern Indiana:

Yes, we are going to the water park this year, not sure on exactly when but keep watching this news letter

Summer Fun We are now gearing up for the summer fun program in Adams Wells Co. if you have any ideas drop us a e-mail only requirement is to have fun and be safe




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